Friday, November 4, 2011


Here are a few of the cars I liked at the #SEMA SHOW this year.  There were lots of cars for every taste.
One of the trends is to Flat Paint.  Many of the cars had absolutely no shine, but they looked good.  SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association.  Everyone who makes products for the aftermarket, that can be put on or in cars, has a booth at the SEMA show.  There are thousands of them.  They fill all three halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  In addition to the aftermarket, all U. S. and foreign automobile manufacturers have displays of 20 or so new cars and concept cars.  It is a car guys Meca.  I took about 150 pictures of cars.  There were about 1000 cars on display.  Here are 38 of the ones I liked.  Enjoy looking at the pictures.

Chip Foose Mercedes Gullwing

Polished Aluminum Audi

The very first Shelby Cobra with the 260 V8..........could be valuable

For $15000 you can buy a brand new body for your 65 Mustang

This company produces every part you see for these old Fords from the 30's.
Not any part of this car is old.  It is made of new steel parts.

This is also a new car with all modern body and drivetrain.
Classic looks with modern dependability.

Nice '50

Factory 5 '33 Ford Kit Car

This brand new engine and running gear was in the next car.

Another trend is original cars with brand new running gear and interiors.

This is a brand new paint job made to look like it had been sitting outside for decades.

You gotta like old Broncos

Pretty nice truck chassis.

Aston Martin DB9

Rolls with flat paint and nice little wheels.

How would you like to change a flat on this dude.

Really nice '65 Mustang race car.

Custom Vette


Nice Porsche

This truck is about 10 feet tall and 25 feet long.


This '65 Bug had the following leather interior.

This leather interior in that old bug.    I like this trend.

A really nice 442.

Alfa race car

Beautiful Lincoln Zepher

'47 Lincoln Custom

Classic T truck

V10 Audi.  These cars do 150+  all day on the Autobahn.

A new Rat Rod.  Black paint applied over Red paint; then a lot of the black sanded off.
It's all about new running gears with so so looks.

4 door Mid 50's Ford dually........... You see um all the time.

So Cal Bonneville speedster.

An original Edelbrock hotrod

The '55 Foose Mercedes.  Red leather interior and Red leather  fitted luggage.
The Jerry Robinson Award winner for Best of Show.

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